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LED Landscape Lighting takes the best of what your landscape has by highlighting your home's architectural features as well as the planting and hardscape features. Now you can give your home that curb appeal even at night with great efficiency. LED lighting uses only a tenth of the electricity of conventional 120-volt systems.

WAC Lighting Landscape & Architectural LED Lighting

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Illumicare Landscape & Architectural LED Lighting

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WAC Lighting and Illumicare Group Limited are leading manufacturers and suppliers of landscape LED lighting products. Created as a response to the increased demand for LED lighting solutions, they are dedicated to delivering market-driven products using cutting-edge LED technologies.


Highlight an interesting shape or structure by projecting its shadow onto a vertical surface.

Underwater Lighting

Amplify a water feature by highlighting it underwater. Underwater lighting can create interesting shadows, reflections, and atmospheric effects.

Accent Lighting

Illuminate a landscape feature by specifically angling an uplight or downlight to draw special attention to it.

Wall Washing

Create a soft glow over a wall or vertical surface by bathing it with light, resulting in ambient lighting for the surrounding area.

Silhouetting & Backlighting

Present a dark outline of an object by placing a light source behind the feature, aimed at a vertical surface behind it.


Emphasize a textured surface by aiming a paralleled light source, casting delicate shadows.

Step Lighting

Accent steps using recessed lighting or coping lights. Step lighting provides safety and a warm atmosphere.

Downlighting & Moonlighting

Mount fixtures high in a tree, aimed downward to mimic the effect of moonlight.


Highlight an architectural design by illuminating it from below. Aim the light source toward a feature to create a bold focal point.

Path & Area Lighting

Place fixtures along the borders of walkways, driveways, and patios to create low-level illumination and nighttime visibility

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